Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EURUSD Future (EU6) 60 Min Chart 5/24 08:35AM CST

Should this hour bar close under 1.41 and complete it's shooting star pattern off of the shallow fib at 1.41+, I think it could be a good low risk sell, with a target of 1.3980. Stop if Euro trades above 1.4115. (See previous Euro post for my more long term view)


  1. Update:
    Bought EUO in my etrade account at 9:00AM CST after previous hour bar in EU6 closed right at 1.4100. Stop at roughly 1.4115-1.4125, Target 1.3975-1.4000

  2. Entered EUO at 17.85 Closed it out at 17.79 just now.

    Will look to reenter if we can get this 60 min bar (10-11am cst) to close under 1.41

  3. well, that 60 min bar formed a very nice shooting star and closed right at 1.41.
    I reentered my EUO at 17.84 and will stop it at 17.75 which roughly correlates to 14130-14140 in the eurousd future

  4. Wrong on this one.... I'm out