Thursday, July 14, 2011


By request I have the GBP/NZD daily chart to our left. We are currently breaking new all time lows as it goes and I dont see a whole lot of support anywhere. I've drawn a fib extension from the last time there was any momentum upwards, and we are close to approaching the 100% extension. This also is very close to a psychological support level at 1.9000. This whole down trend since early May has been done with the MACD sloping generally upward creating some divergence (outlined in green). It looks like it is just slowly drifting off with no where to settle or bounce off. We seemed to have formed a nice hammer today and possibly this is a sign we might get a retrace, but I would wait for it to validate by breaking the highs of the hammer.


  1. thanks for doing these Mark. it looks like i am going to need to look at some inflation and interest rate differentials to try and get a sense of where these are going.

  2. Yeah of course, sorry for the delay, busy at work and personal life as of late. Thanks for continuing to read.