Friday, May 27, 2011

Equities volume analysis 5/27

Here it is, my first ever blog posting as requested! :) Again the Delta Vol shows continue selling on both index. This is why I am still bearish from my inital positon on the russell at 838.40. Of course as everyone know, using vol analysis for your trading can change at anytime when supply and demand comes in. You do not know when but you need to be able to react to it quickly. As of right now, I am still bearish and think this morning was a mark up. Of course this can change if Vol picks up or the bears give up near end of day, but hints of it will show up in the chart. I hope this help. I'm just playing the odds and managing my risk with a trailing stops. FYI... i hate this market btw with the FED being involved. Its not the same anymore these day...... good luck!

PS: Since this is my first ever post, I had to remove some charting items for legal purpose. Just being truthful just in case one of you ask. :)


  1. Mr YinYang, Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Np. I'm done for today. Let's see which side gives up first!