Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Equity Wrapup 5/31

Looking at the four equity markets (S&P, dow, nasdaq, and russell) we see that of these, only the russell actually broke a new major low peak (@813.4) in the last couple weeks, and the rest only seem to have made deep retracements. The russell is also the only one now that has firmly broken past the top level 61.8% retracement (@845) of this down move. The other three are either right at the top or still inside the major levels of the most recent move (all retracements shown in red on charts). It looks like barring a major reversal tomorrow (which is always possible), we are heading back to an uptrend in the equity market for the time being, with confirmation coming as all the markets break past 61.8% level or breaking new yearly highs. I'll go ahead and say it here that it might be time to BTFD if you haven't already.

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