Thursday, June 2, 2011


Risk on... risk off... risk on... risk off....

Greece worked out a deal??!?!
RISK ON!!!!!!!! Start kicking that can!!
(gold, stocks, euro, oil all jump a bit on the news.....)

... Hopefully tomorrow's NFP forces the market to make up it's collective risk off risk on mind...

EDIT: or they didn't work one out so risk off? who knows...

Ive made my bets. Short financials, semis, gold, and WTI crude(long faz, soxs, gll, and dto going into NFP tomorrow)

Can we get a sub 100k print tmrw in jobs?
This rat soup eatin mofo sure hopes so ;)

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  1. 1:20 PM CST Update

    RISK OFF!!!!!!!

    From Ransquawk:

    EU commission denies agreement on new Greek aid plan

    And the three ring circus goes on and on and on