Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silver (SI) uptrend restarting? 5/25

After the big commodity meltdown earlier in may, it looks like silver might be ready to start its trend back up. It looks like it held some support found at the 34 level from both a retracement and a previous base built up in mid march. It now looks to get out of that channel its forming as it goes for its second strong day in a row. There is some good continuation divergence seen between the two low points in the MACD over the last few months, and there seems to be no reason to think this wont regain most of its losses from early may.


  1. I am interested in investing in commodities, I'm still hesitant about the market. Would you recommend silver or gold as a better long-term investment, both safety-wise and from a yield point-of-view?

  2. Personally I would put my money in silver, but gold is probably a less volatile and safer long term investment. Silver, unlike gold, is actually consumed by industry as it's extremely useful being about the best conductor there is on this planet. That being said I think the demand for silver will be always there while as it gets used up the supply will go down. So you could expect in the long run for the price to go up. Also, as the title implies, the trend is looking to continue to the upside!

  3. Keep both metals, why choose. Silver you can make money with if you are payment. Gold is a store of value for the longer term. Both metals still have a lot of upside left.